About Amikab Community.

Amikab Community Centre limited (ACC) is a non-profit making Organization that was founded by 2 directors Muhammd Batte, Kabunga Muhammad Sulaiman and others who are Katerega Hussein, Kalule Twaha, Sengoba Ahmed Abudallah, Abdallah Deen Ayub And Faluku Sulaiman.


To transform the community where young people, live a good quality and acquire the basic education services in Uganda.


To enhance social economic transformation of disadvantaged young people through skills development for self-reliance.

Goals and objectives

To promote proper sanitation and clean water

Ro sensitize the community about the need for education

To identify potential sources of revenue to help advance education in the community

To secure additional sources to be placed in educational trust which can be allocated to special projects and programs that have a specific focus and limited time span

To promote serious research and innovation in a recognized field of knowledge –education.

To enhance education relations within the community

To help education relations within the community

To source for, receive and obtain funds through fundraising and grants or other form of donation and apply it for the benefit of the community and society in Uganda